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Leather slippers

Leather slippers

The first steps in a child's life are so important. That's why little feet deserve only the best quality!

Each pair of leather slippers is cut, sewn and finished by me by hand with a lot of love. They help the little ones learn to walk and are also ideal in the playroom or kindergarten. Because they are easy to put on and the little ones are absolutely not restricted when playing.

Why buy leather slippers?

  • like walking barefoot
  • natural foot climate
  • easy to put on
  • ideal support when crawling and running

To determine the perfect size, please measure your child's foot. You can find detailed instructions here . Please do not go by shoe size, unfortunately these sizes are not one size fits all!

Good to know: You can use the elastic band to precisely adjust the width of the shoes and then pull the knot into the tunnel on the heel.

Please note that leather is a natural product, so there may be variations in material texture and color, as well as natural features such as insect bites, skin folds, scars. These do not represent defects, but are quality features of a natural product.

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The leather is produced in an environmentally friendly manner, without the use of AZO dyes, without the use of chemicals containing PCP, in accordance with the prohibition regulations (German PCP prohibition regulations of December 12, 1989).

Care instructions

If the leather slippers are dirty, wipe them with a soft, damp cloth. Please do not put it in the washing machine or even in the dryer! Larger dirt can be removed with a leather eraser.

If the leather slippers get wet, it is best to stuff them with kitchen roll. Please do not place it on the heater under any circumstances.

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