Measure head circumference correctly

Since I make my hoods and headbands according to your head circumference, it is important that you measure this correctly.

  • The measurement is taken from forehead height above the eyebrows to the ears and back into the neck. Because your hood/headband should fit well there.
  • If you don't have a tape measure at hand, you can also measure with a string (not stretchy) and mark exactly where it goes around the head. Then measure with a ruler. However, this variant is not as accurate as using a tape measure.

PLEASE do not measure purchased hoods and determine the circumference of your head. Since a certain stretch factor is taken into account with every hood, you cannot simply assume the head circumference.

When looking at the sizes you can see that I always cover 3 cm increments, so you can decide for yourself whether the hood should be tighter or a little wider.

Please note: Since I have to rely on you to measure correctly, I cannot take back the hoods that I have sewn for you if they do not fit.