Who is meckermone?

Short version

  • This is me, Simone, mom of 3 kids (9, 7, and 5). Together with my husband we live on the beautiful Mondsee.
  • I've been living my dream since the beginning of 2019, I founded my label meckermone and have been creating unique pieces on my sewing machine ever since.
  • Before I became a mother, I worked in marketing and customer service for many years and actually had nothing to do with sewing.
  • meckermone stands for unique, special accessories for young and old!
  • TOP quality - that's important to me, I prefer to sew organic fabrics or GOTS certified fabrics!
  • I spend a lot of time finding special fabrics that are not only produced fairly but also look magical, which is why I don't like to reveal my fabric suppliers! Sorry #copycats!

Long story - how do you get from everyday office life to a sewing machine - and with 3 small children?

I used to “order” unique pieces for my daughter from my mom because what I wanted for her often wasn’t available and mom sewed what I wanted. At some point I asked myself “can I do that too?” It can't be that difficult! Or?

So a dear friend introduced me to the basics of sewing and I admit, at first I was a bit overwhelmed. But something told me not to give up and so I sat at my sewing machine (which I borrowed from mom) and learned every evening.

At some point I got to the point where I thought about whether this might be an opportunity. Maybe there are people out there who like my works? Who share my taste and don't like brightly colored children's accessories?

Do what you love and you'll never have to work again!

Well, there were people who liked the complaining style. So I took the plunge and registered my business!

I've learned an incredible amount since then! Not just on the sewing machine, also on the plotter, on the embroidery machine (my final opponent!) but also so much about being self-employed. It's not always easy and not everyone wishes you well, there is a lot of envy and resentment. But the journey is worth it - I met many lovely people and some became friends!

The central theme at meckermone is uniqueness, which is why you can personalize almost all of my products

Because in a world where you can order almost anything from the big giant on the Internet, I think personal gifts are even more important! Something handmade, made with a lot of love for you and with a personal message is worth much more than the impersonal, run-of-the-mill gift from the internet, right?

As you can imagine, running a small business with 3 small children is not that easy. I sew all of my works alone, and sometimes I have to work a night shift. I therefore give a generous delivery time for all products, but I can usually do it faster. If you need something quicker, feel free to write to me!

I work 80% to order, which means I don't actually have any finished items in stock. But I always have things that I take back from markets that you can buy from me in my sewing studio!

I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop and look forward to a review if you are satisfied!

All love,